Champagne Wine Vinegar

When you first taste our Champagne Wine Vinegar you'll instantly fall in love...

When you first taste our Champagne Wine Vinegar, you'll instantly fall in love with its smooth and elegant flavor.  That's due, in part, to the way in which it is produced.  Unlike other Champagne vinegars, ours never undergoes a pasteurization process.  By eliminating this step, the vinegar possesses a lovely, rich base, and adds a delightfully tart kick to many applications such as vinaigrettes, marinades and sauces.

Notes:  Imported from the Champagne region of France, this vinegar is a divine ingredient in salads, or try in a homemade mayonnaise; simply whisk with extra virgin olive oil, eggs and mustard!

Country of Origin:  France

Ingredients:  Champagne vinegar, naturally occurring sulfites.  No artificial flavors or additional ingredients.