Chiquitita Ultra Premium Olive Oil

Our Portuguese Chiquitita is creamy and sweet with a confectionary center, followed by delicate floral notes and maltiness....

This Portuguese olive oil is creamy and sweet, with a confectionary center followed by delicate floral notes and maltiness.  Sure to be a crowd pleaser!  Great for baking!

Crush Date: October  2023              Country of Origin: Portugal

Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness: 3.9  Bitterness: 2.8  Pungency: 2.8

*Biophenols: 429.06 ppm, FFA:  0.11, Oleic Acid: 65.5, Peroxide: 5.68, DAGs: 97.4, *PPP: <0.65  Squalene:  4,769.4  A-Tocopherols:  321.9

*As measured at the time of crush

Certified Kosher Ⓤ