Lentrisca Ultra Premium Olive Oil

This is a NEW rare variety olive oil native to Portugal...

A new rare variety, this Portuguese olive oil displays notes of fresh asparagus, with the pungency of arugula.  It is both astringent and complex.  All we can say is 'wow'!!  Delicious!

Country of Origin:  Portugal

Crush Date:  November 2020

Taste Panel Assessment:  Fruitiness:  4.0  Bitterness:  4.3  Pungency:  4.9

*Biophenols:  506.0 ppm, FFA:  0.21, Oleic Acid:  76.5, Peroxide:  4.4, DAG's:  95.5, *PPP:  <1.0,    Squalene:  3,561.4, A-Tocopherols:  318.7

*As measured at the time of crush

Certified Kosher file