Cuvee - Arbequina/Frantoio Ultra Premium Olive Oil

Beautiful fragrant nose, this blend has prominent notes of unripe stone fruit and tomato leaf.

This small batch California Cuvee is a blend of prominently California Arbequina and California Frantoio, but also contains Leccino and Pendolino, grown in the same Wine Country Orchard.  The result is a wonderfully balanced oil with notes of dried herb and apple peel, and a creamy green almond center.  Slight pepper finish.  This is a great oil for confectionary applications and baking.

Country of Origin:  California, USA          Crush Date:  November 2020

Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness: NA , Bitternes: NA, Pungency: NA

*Biophenols:  278.5 ppm,  FFA:  .28,  Oleic Acid:  63.8,  Peroxide:  4.7,  DAGs:  88.9,  *PPP:  <1.0, Squalene:  NA, A-Tocopherols:  NA

*  As measured at the time of crush  

Certified Kosher Ⓤ